OSCAR is a sophisticated, robotic people magnet!

OSCAR the Robot generates and entertains crowds with his wonderful wit and out going personality wherever he appears! Radio controlled with an advanced two-way audio system, OSCAR actually listens and responds to captivated audiences. This enables him to promote any product, service or event. OSCAR's animated head and arms, music, and sound effects all add to the magic, as he dances with amazed customers, prospects, or other guests. Performances are customized with costumes or a client's golf or T-shirt. His family-oriented humor generates sales, fun and excitement for up to 8 hours.

OSCAR is available in two versions:
OSCAR with an octagonal head at 5'6" tall.
OSCAR with a spherical head at 5'9" tall.

Either way , he is 260 pounds of high-energy fun!

OSCAR's heavy-duty 12-volt dual drive system ensures complete mobility on any hard surface such as carpet, concrete, or asphalt. He works indoors and outdoors with equal ease. All he needs is a safe place with a 110-volt outlet to occasionally recharge his batteries.

OSCAR is definitely a Crowd Pleaser!

Call : (770) 822-5277
Email : Oscar@OscarTheRobot.com

Oscar's many features and talents

  1. People Magnet!
  2. Radio Controlled by a Concealed Professional Operator
  3. Mobil on All Hard Surfaces, Indoors and Out.
  4. Two-way Audio System
  5. Animated Head and Arms
  6. Music and Sound Effects
  7. Customized Performances
  8. Family-oriented Humor
  9. OSCAR Available in Two versions
  10. Definitely a Crowd Pleaser!

Oscar with Spherical Head

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