Many corporate and association meeting and convention planners have featured OSCAR The Robot at their conventions and annual meetings to ‘liven things up’! From greeting guests (in any of 15 languages) at registration and various events, to directing them into exhibits and seminars, to entertaining them at receptions, banquets and sponsored events, OSCAR creates goodwill and lots of memories!

Scripted or off-the-cuff, OSCAR’s interactive banter with speakers and panelists can make even ‘information-heavy’ speeches and video presentations effective and unforgettable.

Displaying your association logo or as a high-profile sponsor vehicle, OSCAR attracts the media and trade publications.

OSCAR can promote the daily events at breakfast meetings, discuss seminar topics at coffee breaks, and introduce the luncheon speaker. He can then promote association membership and participation as well as entertain spouses and families in the afternoon. At banquets and receptions. OSCAR breaks the ice with humor and music. He mingles from table-to-table during dinner. Finally, OSCAR can energize the evening by drawing guests onto the dance floor and making your event "the one they remember"!

Some of our past clients include...

  1. Aetna Insurance
  2. American Cancer Society
  3. Consumer Electronics Show
  4. Social Security Administration
  5. NASA
  6. United States Army
  7. Democratic National Convention
  8. Alabama Dept. of Health and Human Services

Here is what Oscar does at a convention:

  1. Welcomes and Directs Guests
  2. Enhances High-Tech and Futuristic Themes
  3. Generates Excitement and Involvement
  4. Distributes Information
  5. Motivates Guests
  6. Escorts VIP's, Dignitaries, etc.
  7. Acts as Featured Speaker
  8. Hosts and Entertains at Events
  9. Creates Photo Opportunities
  10. Provides Vehicle for Sponsored Events
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