OSCAR The Robot is a high-tech strolling act that attracts and entertains crowds with his witty conversation, music and antics, taking his magic virtually anywhere on your fairgrounds! Performing for up to 6 hours per day, OSCAR will greet your guests (in any of 15 languages!) as they arrive, then entertain them while directing them to the midway, commercial or 4-H exhibits, emergency facilities or special events and attractions.

Often playing the electronic pied piper, OSCAR leads families and school groups on impromptu tours through agriculture and livestock areas, introducing them to the 4-H and FFA kids, and fielding questions. OSCAR has his data-banks filled with amazing animal facts, such as Easter egg chickens, swine sunburn, dairy cow donor cud, sheep hygiene and hair crimping, and honey bee career paths. From his on-going work with NASA and the US Army, OSCAR introduces new technologies such as crop analysis via satellite, thermal imaging, hydrogen fuel cell and GPS technologies for tractors. By integrating the low-tech and the high-tech, the old and the new, OSCAR fascinates people of all ages.

Strolling throughout your fairgrounds – wherever there’s pavement – as a "mobile entertainment module", OSCAR generates goodwill, excitement and a festive atmosphere. He can build crowds in targeted areas, or relieve waiting line tension and foot-traffic congestion. Creating numerous photo opportunities for your guests, OSCAR also attracts the Press – drawing increased coverage and giving interviews.

This free publicity makes OSCAR ideal for corporate sponsors (Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut and BellSouth, among others), since he can wear shirts and hats that display their logos. If your fair offers commemorative T-shirts, you can even put one on OSCAR, and he’ll help sell them while he serves as a high-profile interactive directory of information on events, entertainment, fair sponsors, new rides, etc. He may even show up in your ‘Fairest of the Fair’ pageant, or judging tomatoes – you never know with OSCAR – that’s part of his magic!

What Oscar does for Fairs and Festivals:

  1. Greets Fair-goers
  2. Generates Goodwill, Excitement
  3. High-visibility Vehicle for Sponsors
  4. Strolls Fairgrounds
  5. Interactive Directory
  6. Builds Crowds at Targeted Areas
  7. Directs Fair-goers
  8. Judges and Presents Awards
  9. Leads Parades
  10. Displays Company Name or Logo
  11. Draws Free Media Coverage
  12. Mingles and Entertains
  13. Kids love Oscar!

Some of our past fair & festival clients include...

  1. Delaware State Fair
  2. Tulsa State Fair
  3. Poteet Strawberry Festival
  4. Missouri State Fair
  5. Florida State Fair
  6. Iowa State Fair
  7. Florida Azalea Festival
  8. Illinois State Fair
  9. Champlain Valley Exposition
  10. Kansas State Fair
  11. Eastern States Exposition
  12. Georgia National Fair
Call : (770) 822-5277
Email : Oscar@OscarTheRobot.com

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