“I can honestly say that I have never seen any one program or item positively affect the attendance and interest in our displays and our products as OSCAR does. It is incredible to watch OSCAR work a crowd. The first year we engaged the services of OSCAR at one of our large shows, our sales leads increased 46% from the previous year. The second year our sales leads went up an additional 67% … Words truly cannot describe the difference with and without OSCAR!”
Ron Vermillion,
Marketing Services Manager, Synthetic Industries

“You and OSCAR played a pivotal role in meeting our show objectives, and provided that critical advantage that makes people not only stop and look, but come back. Your ability to engage visitors, put them at ease, and illicit their interest, created that positive climate needed for a productive discussion with our staff. More amazing was your ability to learn so quickly about the NAC, and to use this knowledge to qualify visitors – ensuring the best prospects received the attention of the appropriate staff member. Your consistently high level of energy and enthusiasm not only significantly reduced the stress level of our staff, but also re-energized them. You and OSCAR were truly a ‘value added’ plus!”
Dennis Wend, Executive Director, US ARMY National Automotive Center

“OSCAR was the talk of the show! Thanks to OSCAR, we generated two television interviews, a visit from the governor of South Carolina, and a better booth staff. Your ability to spot and stop media as they passed was astonishing! With OSCAR explaining NASA’s Technology Transfer, we got them to stop and complete an interview. Your ability to pick up on our outreach program, technologies, and applications make you an extremely valuable part of our exhibit team. With OSCAR, the stress of stopping a hesitant customer is gone, and handling only the closing of the meeting in many cases contributes to the effectiveness of our limited staff over the duration of the show! We now realize that we can do a trade show with a smaller staff – thanks to you and OSCAR – resulting in a cost savings of three to five people. We are proud that you and OSCAR are a part of the NASA Technology Outreach Team, and we are looking forward to having you at as many future shows as we can coordinate with you!”
Catherine Funston, Manager Technology Outreach Office, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center


“You added a lot to our party! Charming, fun and funny! And as emcee of “The FLC in review”, you really kept those guys in line! Please come back for our next anniversary!”
Dan Brand, Chairman, Federal Laboratories Consortium

“There are many qualities a meeting planner wants in a “performer” such as you (and OSCAR!); cooperativeness, flexibility, professionalism, value for the money spent, and delivery of what was promised – you scored a perfect 10 in every respect! I know our people will remember this meeting as the ‘one with OSCAR’!”
Bruce Tietgen, Vice President, KAR Products


"In my opinion, if OSCAR THE ROBOT is part of your lineup, you can't go wrong! OSCAR roams the fairgrounds, talking with visitors, posing for souvenir photographs all the while delighting and surprising our fairgoers with his engaging conversation and witty comments. Your event and OSCAR - an ideal combination!!"
Rick Vymlatil, Manager, Florida State Fair

“OSCAR was a hit! Both young and old alike enjoyed him…excellent job in working a crowd…great family entertainment!”
Jan Higgins, Entertainment Manager, Iowa State Fair

“One of the brightest spots of our fair was OSCAR…an outstanding entertainment presentation that we have seldom experienced!”
Bob Gottschalk, General Manager, Kansas State Fair

“We wouldn’t think of having our fair without OSCAR! People call ahead to make sure he is coming!”
Fran Tepper, Manager, Monroe County Fair

“An outstanding success! We look forward to seeing OSCAR at next year’s fair!”
Michael Froehlich, Director, Georgia National Fair

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