What Oscar does at Special Events:

  1. Sparks High Energy and Fun
  2. Greetings in Any of 15 Languages!
  3. Breaks the ice with humor and music
  4. Motivates at Incentive Meetings
  5. Builds Goodwill
  6. Energizes Client Presentations
  7. New Products Launches
  8. Retail Promotions
  9. Outreach Programs
  10. Children Events
  11. Charity Fundraisers
  12. Political Events
  13. Appearances on TV

No matter what kind of event you are planning, OSCAR The Robot will provide that spark of high energy and fun that will make it unforgettable. OSCAR can greet your VIP's and guest (in any of 15 languages!), and entertain them while creating a festive atmosphere and numerous photo opportunities - for your guests and the media - by breaking the ice with humor and music! Listed below are some of the many events OSCAR has been plugged into, and the well-known clients that continue to bring us back, show after show.

Corporate Events:

OSCAR has motivated the sales staff at incentive meetings, built goodwill and helped state the corporate message effectively and uniquely at shareholders meetings, as well as energize client presentations and provide a very memorable vehicle for new products launches. These clients include: MCI, Aetna Insurance, Lego Corporation, and Georgia Farm Bureau.

OSCAR has also attracted a great deal of attention and entertained guests in waiting lines at open houses and grand openings, where he can distribute coupons, advertisement flyers, etc. and be a tour guide. At receptions and parties, OSCAR greets and mingles with the guests while enhancing various themes - space, futuristic, holiday, etc. Clients include General Motors, NASA, Eli Lilly, The Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts, Kroger, and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Promotional Events:

Clients as diverse as Office Depot, Rich's-Macy's, Reebok, Ralph Lauren, Kroger and Mary Kay Cosmetics have relied on OSCAR at retail promotions to increase point-of-purchase sales by generating excitement and announcing special sales and in-store promotions. He has also assisted civic and government organizations like NASA, the Kiwanis Clubs, the Baltimore Mayor's office, and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Science and Technology, in their outreach programs. These include drug abuse prevention, literacy, and science studies through long-term elementary and high school programs. Other children's events include yearly appearances at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra's children's concerts and teaching robotics at the SciTrek Children's Museum.

Call : (770) 822-5277
Email : Oscar@OscarTheRobot.com

Other Events:

OSCAR is so eye-catching and camera friendly that our clients have a hard time NOT putting him in high profile events! Some of these include parades for the Kansas State Fair and the Eastern States Exposition, as well as encouraging the athletes and their families in both the 1988 Special Olympics and the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. OSCAR's appearances on TV and radio are too numerous to list individually, but he has been featured on CBS, CNN, HBO, and PBS, as well as promotional and educational films for Six Flags and the Kansas Department of Education. OSCAR has also appeared on many local TV and radio stations all over North America doing weather and traffic reports, and has even appeared on a billboard or two!

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