What Oscar does at a Trade Show:

  1. Attracts show traffic to exhibit booth
  2. Melts resistance to the sales message with humor
  3. Promotes products or services and performs product demos
  4. Qualifies potential prospects by need, financial resources, date of purchase, and authority to close the deal.
  5. Introduces buyer to the sales force
  6. Displays company logo on graphic panel or costumes
  7. Distributes business cards, brochures, ad specialties, etc.
  8. Hosts and entertains at hospitality suites, receptions, etc.
  9. Draws free media coverage

When OSCAR the Robot reads the badges of show attendees, and greets them by name (in any of 15 languages!), they stop in amazement, and the magic begins! While breaking the ice with humor, music and a few innocent questions, OSCAR pre-qualifies prospects by quickly getting more information from the entranced guest than they would normally give to a "humanoid". Completing this red-carpet treatment, OSCAR then introduces his new friend (and now qualified sales lead) to the appropriate sales person by name, with all the pertinent data for them to close the deal.

The average conversation with each guest - from stopping them from walking by your booth to passing them on to your sales staff - lasts less than 4 minutes. However, the crowd that invariably gathers to watch the excitement at your booth also "get the message" as OSCAR promotes your company, performs product demonstrations, and poses for the media cameras.

We also do our homework before your show by learning the basics of your products or services, your markets and your targeted attendees. Our professional and highly visible presentation of your company has a positive and long-lasting impact on your clients and your industry!

Call : (770) 822-5277
Email : Oscar@OscarTheRobot.com

Some of out past trade show clients include:

  1. Eli Lilly Corporation
  2. A T & T
  3. Shaw Industries
  4. United States Army
  5. Exxon
  6. Lockheed Martin
  7. U.S. West / Mountain Bell
  8. NASA

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